Thank you for considering Nails World as your manufacturer or to launch your own brand of sculpted nail products. As leading manufacturers in Spain, we comply with strict European regulations, ensuring products of the highest quality.

We offer flexible options for your business, including wholesale or pre-packaged products. Our full service covers packaging and labeling, delivering products ready for distribution.

We customize products according to your specific needs, adjusting viscosity, color and other essential parameters. To start, you need to register as a customer in our online store and send us your documentation for validation. After approval, we will provide you with a document to complete and sign. This will give you access to our online shop, where you can check prices and place orders.

Purchases are made through our online shop, with a team of business advisors at your disposal to resolve any queries. The initial order for new customers is €2,500 net, and €1,000 net for subsequent orders.

Our process is simple and direct. Payment is made in advance by bank transfer. Once payment is confirmed, your order is scheduled on our production line. The manufacturing and packaging process is usually completed between 15 and 20 days.

It is essential to understand that Nails World is not a conventional nail products store, when buying with us, it directly acquires factory products, which implies higher volumes of purchase.

For any questions or queries, we are at your disposal by WhatsApp or email.